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Pre engineered building

Due to the increase in demand for faster economic growth Pre engineered buildings revolutionized the construction market using built up sections. As the name indicates pre engineering to be done at design level before fabrication and later on to be assembled at site. These buildings are to be designed by a supplier or manufacturer of pre engineering structures and then fabricated with various materials and methods as per the requirement. PEBs are taking over conventional constructions because of its speedy yet cost effective process.

We at KMS technologies ensure manufacturing of these prefab structures completely based on design and engineering without any hassle. These buildings are built in our factories and are made of steel but not as of conventional steel structures which requires much steel, that much use of steel can be reduced by tapering the section in PEBs.

These can be used at multiple locations where long lasting structures are required in short period of time viz. metro station, farm houses, warehouses, industries, vehicle parking, aircraft hangers, railway platform, stadium, factories and many more.


There are various advantages of pre engineered buildings but all leads to saving of construction time. Few of the advantages are as follows

Reduced construction time

Building demand is typically furnished within few weeks after approval of sanction plan.Bolts and foundation is also manufactured parallel to the fabrication of building.Assembly on site is pretty fast as all the components are delivered finished.This can reduce the project timeline by at least 50%.

Efficient roof and wall

Buildings can be delivered PUF insulated panels or fiberglass insulation.


These buildings design is completely computer optimized.

Computerized drafting also minimizes project custom details.

Quality control

These buildings are completely fabricated in the factory so optimum quality is assured.

Lower cost

Cheaper cost of raw material and labour as compared to the conventional structures eventually leads to a lower cost of fabrication or construction.


These buildings are around 30-40% lighter than conventional steel structures. Therefore these buildings are of light weight and easy to design.

Flexibility and expansion

These structures can easily be extended by using additional bays when required.

Low maintenance

These structures are delivered with high quality paints and steel to suit the environment which results in its longevity and lower maintenance cost.

Single source Responsibility

As the complete building is fabricated by a single vendor, so all the components compatibility is a guarantee.